Easy to clean bathroom design tips

Bathroom cleaning is a dirty and tiresome work. It is made even harder when your bathroom is difficult to clean and cluttered. According to house cleaning companies, the most ideal way to keep a bathroom tidy is to keep it from getting dirty. The following bathroom design changes will make it simple for you to clean and maintain the cleanliness for much longer.
• Select Wall-mounted Fixtures
For a neat, spacious and uncluttered bathroom appearance opt for wall-mounted bathroom fixtures instead of floor or deck mounted fixtures. They are also great because they hardly catch grime.
• Avoid the Grout
If you give this some thought it will make perfect sense. Rather than struggle cleaning grout lines every week, why not opt for shower walls with solid or flowing surfaces. The grime and germs will have fewer places to stick to giving you less work cleaning to have a spotless shower.
• Ditch Shower Glass
Eventually, dirt and grime will build up on your glass shower door along the track and hinges as well. The best way to avoid all this is to avoid the shower glass altogether for a better shower design that places the shower strategically do away with the need for glass completely.

cleaning bathroom
• Select Surfaces that are simple to clean
When buying, toilets and tubs choose surfaces that will not give you a hard time cleaning. Such surfaces are waterproof and do not allow the growth of mold and mildew. This kind of surface is referred to as EverClean™  which has an antimicrobial agent.

• Select High-Quality Materials
Choosing high-quality materials will be beneficial in the long term since the finish of such materials will always last longer making them easy to clean. Once a material loses its finish the surface will act like a magnet for tough stains and in the end, it will be hard to clean.
• Level Flooring
It is difficult to maintain the cleanliness of bathroom with uneven flooring surface which allows the accumulation of water and mildew. In case, your bathroom has this problem ensure that a professional contractor works on the floor.
• Bathroom Organization
By reducing the amount of clutter, the amount of time spent cleaning will also be reduced. Ensure that there is storage for everything by installing extra shelves and cabinets for your bathroom.

• Proper Counter-top Sealing
For easy maintenance ensure that the counter-top material that you use are properly sealed. Do your own research on the available materials and the kind of care and cleaning that they require to keep them looking amazing.
The design of your bathroom will play a critical role in its maintenance and cleanliness. Consider the tips above to keep your bathroom sparkling clean.