Home Lighting Tips for different Rooms


Since every room in the home is unique the lighting used is different depending on the functionality. The correct lighting helps us live better in the home. We sample the following home lighting ideas from this electrician from Winnipeg:

  • Kitchen
kitchen lighting

kitchen lighting

The kitchen is the center of all activities in the home therefore, the lighting should be suitable for a variety of needs. The lighting used, for instance, for food preparation must be bright task lighting. There should be a clear illumination for the areas you will be preparing your feasts such as cooktops, benches, and sinks. For proper directional lighting consider fitting adjustable head ceiling down-lights. To help in food preparation, there should be a bright task light included on the extractor fan above the cooktop. Clear any lurking shadows created by having cupboards over the bench tops using hidden fluorescent strip lights.
For kitchen dining area the ideal lighting is ambient lighting. Create a close pool of light over the eating area as needed using a series of pendant lights. Install dimmers to reduce the level of illumination when you finish cooking. To create the perfect romantic dinner ambiance dim the lights as much as possible and light the candles
At daytime, you can use a set of three pendant lights over the kitchen island bench to achieve a bright modern kitchen look. Consider three kinds of lighting for your kitchen i.e. ambient, accent and task lighting used together with dimmers to provide a complete range of illumination for different uses.

  • Living Room

The living is used for a variety of purposes and it is normally the largest space in the home. It requires a mix of lighting from the task, ambient to accent lighting that can be blended depending on the activities in the room whether it is entertainment such as listening to music and watching TV or simply enjoying reading a book or playing.
You can set normal ambient lighting through a chandelier from a good height, pendant lights or recessed down-lights.
A good alternative for accenting artwork is having wall lighting. Whereas a floor lamp can reflect the soft light bouncing off the large painted wall towards the room. When relaxing with a movie, you can dim the light from the table or floor lamp to have sufficient illumination that allows easy movement within the room minus viewing interference. Remember to position the lamps appropriately to avoid reflection by the television screen.
If you like reading or knitting and doing other tasks in the living room then task lighting such as table and floor lamps can be properly placed to illuminate the particular sections.
For the most inviting, relaxing and comfy lounge room experience for conversations and family time, use the flickering light from the fireplace flames together with soft overhead lights.

  • Bathroom

For bathroom lighting functionality must be achieved without sacrificing on mood. To make small bathroom spaces seem larger, use bright light from recessed downlights to flood the space. Enjoy a nice long tub soaking with a softly dimmed glow.
When it comes to bathroom task lighting for shaving, applying make-up position wall lights on both sides of the mirror and one above to dispel shadows from your face.
For safety reasons install bathroom lights as per the regulations. Confirm where each lighting is appropriate for use.