Things To Know Before Hiring a Handyman

There are cases of people hiring handymen who eventually turn out to be thieves, con men, rapists and inexperienced, or even spies. The con men can do a hasty job, take a deposit and leave, never to come back! However, there are some guidelines you can follow and use before hiring a handyman in order to avoid wasting time, your work being left incomplete, or badly done. For security reason, you need to make sure that someone is present in the house when handyman work for you.

First and foremost, move around your home and establish the various types of projects that need to be accomplished by the handyman, and even write them down, if necessary. This will make it easier to move around with the handyman repairing them all in one visit, if possible, to avoid cost and save time.

Find out from friends, neighbors, relatives and workmates the names of experienced handymen who worked with them once and completed their work well and who also charge a fair amount of money for their job. Call two or three of the handymen and interview hem concerning their skills, experience and fees. From there, you can now select the best candidate for your work.

Follow and trust your gut instinct, if you doubt the handyman, look for someone else who can do the job to your satisfaction.

The handyman should also be covered under liability insurance and if he comes with a crew; find out if he is carrying with him work men’s compensation insurance before they begin working for you.

And also, it is a good idea to call your local Better Business Bureau to know if the company they are working for is questionable. Here you can look for another alternative immediately, if that is the case.

Arrange for them to come at a time when you’ll be free from your normal work or duty in order to stay around oversee the activities going on at your place on that day. Do not plan it in a way that you’ll leave them alone in the house and compound.

Make sure you arrange the work in such a way that it is a day’s work, and or agree with the handyman and arrange to pay his dues on completion of the work.

Remind them to try their level best to do a wonderful job so that you can hire them again near future to come, or recommend them to your friends, neighbors, relatives and workmates. This will boost their morale to do the best they can.